Hi Sasha,
Want to take this opportunity to just thank you from the bottom of my heart for the guidance and support you provided through my backyard renovation project.
You have been so kind, patient, understanding and a wonderful resource to engage to create the design for my brownstone backyard. You guided me through the whole process, made recommendations for third party vendors and was just there for me every step of the way. I can’t thank you enough. You treated me with respect and I appreciated the fact I could run options by you in order to make the best possible choices.
You have a wonderful disposition and it comes through that your love what you do and as a result you do it well. I looked at my backyard when it was finished and stood their reflecting on our first conversation when you told me to write down what I wanted, instructed me to think in terms of my lifestyle and give you a vision of what was my dream space and you translated those wants and desires into a reality.  I LOVE MY BACKYARD. I know I still have to install the deck, get the plants and build the fire feature wall but I am 80% complete as far as I am concerned and looking forward to winter turning into spring so I can wrap this project up and start to enjoy my new space. The end product is just as I envisioned a what was detailed out of paper transformed into something real and I can honestly say my backyard is a dream that came true. I wanted a space that was an extension of my living room and to be just as inviting and allow me to utilize it to the fullest.
And the most important thing is you made yourself available to may landscape contractor to guide him and you were an intermediate at times between the steel guy and the landscaper keeping everyone on the same page and making sure that the vision became a reality and even keeping the peace at times when you know emotions were running high. I am truly grateful and can’t even begin to express how I feel but I did shed a tear when I looked out the window because only you and I know the challenges I faced trying to secure a reputable contractor after sourcing for so many and the push and pull I went through as it relates to reminding the vendors that in the end I am the customer and entitled to  what I want and inspect what I expect!  In the end I have a dream backyard and Little Miracles Design delivered and met my expectations. I finished before Christmas on target and given all the tight timeline I was working through I can honestly say miracles do come true and at this time of the year I truly have a lot to be grateful for and one of those things is you.
It is refreshing to see and meet a very honest and straight forward contractor/designer that actually is concerned about the customer experience and understand the importance of customer satisfaction and the cost of conformance and non-conformance and gives his all to ensure that my experience was a positive one.
Thank you so much!
T. Martin
Home Owner & Satisfied Customer




I had a great experience working with Little Miracle Designs. I met with a few companies to get estimates/proposals and selected Sasha because he was able to quickly assess the space and immediately offered creative ideas. Some of the other companies treated the project like contractors rather than landscape designers. Sasha asked the right questions about how I intended to use the space and then built a proposal to reflect those goals. I enjoyed the process, which felt collaborative. If I expressed any concerns, he was quick to see that they were addressed. I couldn’t be more pleased with the final product. –Trevor D.


Just a word of thanks from Nadia and myself. The garden is beyond belief : lush, beautiful … actually spectacular. Your vision, impecable execution and constant care have created a masterpiece which we thoroughly enjoy. -David + Nadia


After many years of my homemade garden, I was looking for someone to design it. Sasha understood what type of style I was looking for, and presented his ideas. Expect weather and production delays-some things are beyond anyone’s control, but when conditions were good, the work went very fast. I particularly like the way Sasha interacts with his workers. He treats them with respect and is very complimentary about them. They truly collaborate and are not afraid to offer their suggestions and opinions. That’s a very important quality in my view. The final product is delightful! They are a great team and I wholeheartedly recommend Little Miracles.  –Karen D.


There is so much to be said for the experience we had with Little Miracles Designs. Professional, courteous, affordable, flexible all come to mind but the personal effort and attention that is made to make you feel like their only customer is priceless. This can be a stressful process and Sasha is very honest, kind and patient. He worked with us to find solutions that made sense for our lifestyle. This was a project that improved our quality of life while beautifying our yard. His colleagues were also very professional, respectful, and possessed a strong work ethic. We have already referred LMD to our friends and colleagues. Thank you!!  –Nicole L.


Sasha created a stunning garden and breathtaking roof deck for me along with an absolutely seamless irrigation system to help me keep them that way. And he did it all lightning fast and drama free.  –Elizabeth P.


Wanted to tell you a lovely story. We have a delightful young man living next door. Henry’s probably around 8 and often has occasion to climb over our fence to retrieve his ball. The other day he said to me, “I know you have had that garden for a while now but still every time I go in there I feel pleasure.” How charming is that?!   Barbara D.


It was a delightful experience working with Sasha.  His creativity and professionalism far exceeded our expectations.  We truly look forward to working with him in the near future.  –Alina B.


We recommend Little Miracles Designs without reservation. Sasha is much more than a talented landscape designer—he is truly an artist, with an amazing eye for color, texture, and shape and a creative sense of whimsy. He transformed our little Brownstone Brooklyn backyard! He also has shown a continued sense of stewardship for what he created, dropping by to do a quick clean up or to dig up plants to be brought inside for the winter or to offer new ideas. We appreciated that he was sensitive to our budget and worked hard to do as much as possible within our limits.  Barbara and Dan S.